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Aluminum cans Any aluminum can, soda pop, beer, or pet food P.E.T. Prefer in garbage bags. Crushing OK but not required. No liquid in containers. Separate Beverage from non-beverage aluminum cans.
Plastic Plastic (#1): Usually a soda pop or clear water bottle. Place into bins provided. No need to remove tops or crush but that is also OK. P.E.T. (#1) & HDPE (#2) Must be separated! No milk containers! CA redemption plastic can be purchased by count or weight, your choice.
HDPE Plastic HDPE Plastic: White plastic used for water jugs and small juice containers.

No milk containers
Glass Beverage and food containers, like beer bottles, wine bottles, mayonnaise jars, jam jars.

No window or any other pane glass, drinking glasses, glass plates, no windshields, no mirrors, vases or ceramics.

No pyrex, like cookware or measuring cups.
Separate colors: Clear, brown and green. This can be done at our location: we provide bins. No need to remove lids or break glass but that is also OK.
Bi-Metal Cans Like Saporro beer cans. Separate by metal type as much as possible prior to getting to the scale.
Non-Ferrous Metals We pay top dollar for all Iron/Steel, Copper/Brass, Car Batteries, Rediators and Air Conditioning Units
Cardboard Any cardboard in any shape except wax covered.

No Milk cartons, fruit or vegetable boxes.




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