alliance recycling center


saved 8,712,078 gallons of water
Saved 21,804 tons
of natural resources
Collected 85% of recyclables

Alliance Recycling is a full-service community based recycling center.

We specialize in California CRV buyback, and accept all metals, glass as well as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. (Please see our Services page for more details.)

we do it together

Help us green West Oakland. Recycle. Together we’re making it healthy and beautiful.

  • Reduces waste going to landfills
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Conserves water

It is with the great efforts of our clients and neighbors that Alliance Recycling's recovery of recyclable materials from the waste stream has yielded substantial environmental and economic benefits to the greater community.

In 2008, Alliance Recycling reduced 15,452 tons of waste going to landfills, which saved:

21,158 trees
43,608,000 pounds of natural resources
1,735,258 gallons of oil
8,712,078 gallons of water


14,985,824 pounds (7,493 tons) of CO2 from going to our environment!

That’s the equivalent of more than 120% of the average waste generated by a population the size of West Oakland in one year!